Undergrowth Hat

Free Pattern in Knitty

Last night, after spending the day attempting to clean up my room and fill up my new filing cabinet (not a hard task, but a big one I’ll tell you), I sat down to the computer to find a tweet and forum post alerting me to some awesome news.

Knitty is live!

In the new issue is my Undergrowth pattern, a color stranded hat with a double! braid! The hat is worked in Nature Spun Sport, and you achieve different sizes (18.5, 20, 21.5″) by adjusting your needles. Best of all, because this is Knitty, it’s free! I hope you enjoy it.

I’m headed out to Durham for my book signing soon, so I won’t be updating my pattern shop until later today. In the mean time, you can find more details about Undergrowth on Ravelry or head over to Knitty to print out the pattern.

In this issue of Knitty, you’ll also find a pretty rockin’ review of The Red Collection by the editorial staff. So cool! Here’s a snapshot of the review, if you’re interested.

I must thank my gorgeous model, Mallory. She really knows how to show off the handknits.

And my favorite part of the hat, the top:

Isn’t she just gorgeous?


Mallory Pack

Don’t you love Reverse Stockinette Stitch? I do. And it’s not that I dislike purling, but I definitely prefer knitting. This set accomplished Reverse Stockinette in a sneaky way; you knit all the stitches (stockinette stitch) but turn the mitts and hat inside out at the end to reveal the purl side (reverse stockinette stitch)! The trick is to remember when changing colors to carry the tails of yarn on the outside of your work and weave the ends in on the knit side.

Mallory Mitts

Two things I love about the Mallory patterns? They are great patterns for both men and women and they are knit in a sport weight wool with a good range of colors. The color possibilities are endless! Can you imagine knitting these with a rainbow of reverse stockinette stripes?

If you are a newer knitter, or if you’re not into the stranded colorwork thing, this is the pattern for you.  If I rated my patterns based on difficulty, then this one would be in the easy category.

Here’s another great thing about the Mallory patterns: both the hat and the mitts in the set come in three sizes to fit children, medium adults and large adults.  The hat shown in the picture below is the Medium Adult size, and because of the ribbing, fits a range of head sizes comfortably.

Mallory Hat

Mallory, my model for the whole of The Red Collection, liked this set the best out of all the patterns. She was really excited when she was flipping through an early draft of the book and discovered that I named it after her!

Learn more about the Mallory Hat & Mitts:
Mallory pattern details on my blog.
Mallory pattern page on Ravelry.

About The Red Collection

The Red Collection has 12 patterns for hats and matching mittens (or mitts, or wristers). This is a self-published book and I’ve been working on these patterns, photographs, book design, and marketing for the last year!

The Print Edition of the book can be pre-ordered now, and will ship in October.

Please note: The Print Edition includes special sections on yarn, gauge, and finishing, and also has a special techniques section to help you knit the projects from the book. These sections are not included in digital versions of the patterns.

Ways to Get The Red Collection

For the best price per pattern, please consider purchasing the complete collection of patterns. The digital versions of the patterns are available for instant download (click the links below for more details).

The Red Collection: Print Edition – $20 + shipping
The Red Collection: Print Edition + Complete Digital Pattern Pack – $23 + shipping
The Red Collection: Complete Digital Pattern Pack – $20
Single Pattern or 2-Pattern Pack – from $6

Just want Mallory? Use these links:

mallory pack mallory hat mallory mitts
Pattern Pack: $9 Mallory Hat: $6 Mallory Mitts: $6

We’ll get to the rest of The Red Collection soon!

it’s a shirt yoke

While knitting the body and sleeves of Jerry’s striped sweater, I pondered how I would finish the top. I love going seamless, because you can pretty much leave those big decisions ’til the end. After much thought I ended up going with a Seamless Saddle Shoulder Shirt Yoke Sweater.

The shirt yoke refers to this horizontal patch of knitting across the back of the neck.

shirt yoke

Yesterday morning I cut the tiny v-neck steek and opened up the sweater, which finally allowed me to see if everything “worked.”


Phew. Having never knit this style of seamless sweater, and adjusting EZ’s pithy directions for an adult size sweater down to a kiddo sized sweater, I wasn’t really sure if my calculations would be right. But after looking at my own math and sketches a million times over, I ended up going with my gut and hoping for the best. It’s really hard to be light and breezy about it when there’s a steek involved.

But it all worked! Yay!  The neck opening was really large before adding the ribbing.


So last night I sat down and finished the neck. I had left two stitches at the bottom of the v live, and made sure to pick up stitches evenly around those two.  After working the stitches in pattern for one round, I decreased on both sides of the center on every round (including the bind-off round).

(looks funny without a shirt underneath – and with unwoven ends flying about)

Then, instead of waking Jerry up at 10 pm (I really, really wanted to know if it fit!), I waited until this morning to try it on him.  It fits!

my boy

I know he likes it, too (he has repeatedly and enthusiastically told me throughout the knitting of this one, “I love the design!”), but he probably won’t wear it much, being the warm natured creature that he is. That’s okay with me, I told him, as long as I get good modeled shots after it is all the way done and blocked.  I can sense that he is really pleased that I’m making something just for him, even if we both know he won’t wear it.


Jerry is at Ju-jitsu camp today (hence the yellow belt). We’re missing him. But I will be busy with my darning needle.

the road ahead

And that’s just the sleeves!