i heart you

I’m working on a new sweater for Maggie.  It looked like this a few days ago:

rainbow hearts

At first I thought it would be a vest, but then I started knitting sleeves.  It was strange how I just started knitting them without really thinking it all through.

But it’s all coming along nicely.  I don’t have a firm plan for the yoke decreases.  I have joined the sleeves in and I’m knitting one stripe of navy blue hearts before I make any decisions.  I’ve done a fair bit of knitting then unraveling, knitting then unraveling, ad nauseum.  I am fully prepared to knit the yoke to completion then unraveling it to make it right.

I’ve got Spun Out #4 – Child’s Yoke Sweater from Schoolhouse Press as a guide.  Did you know that all those Spun Out designs are only $1 (besides the BSJ, which is understandable).  What a deal!  I ordered a bunch of them a few weeks ago and I think maybe I should order the rest.

This yoke obsession that I’m feeling is inspired by two things.  One, I’m going to teach a class on how to knit a “custom pullover for your kid” at my LYS, so I need to make sure I’m on the ball with these EZ patterns.  And two, surely you’ve seen the new design  Paper Dolls by Kate at Needled.  First the owls, and now paper dolls?  I am super excited to see what she does next.

yoke baby

That’s where I am now, knitting straight before any big decreasing decisions.  The rain outside pretty much guarantees that there will be yoke action today.  Yay!