My work here is done.

I finished my challenge. It’s funny how during these past two weeks I’ve wondered 1) why I chose such an easy challenge, and 2) OMG HOW AM I EVER GOING TO FINISH THIS IS TOO MUCH KNITTING TO DO IN SUCH A SHORT TIME PERIOD WITH ALL OF LIFE’S OTHER COMMITMENTS AND PRIORITIES. Yeah.

Actually, the hardest thing was getting everyone on board for the group picture. But I have a tripod! And a remote! So it wasn’t that bad. The kids like the one with the cat.

And I like the close up shot, even if it is out of focus.

When we did this in 2008, I had my little point and shoot camera balancing on a pile of things on top of the picnic table. It’s really a miracle that this picture exists at all. But I love it, and I’m glad we have an updated family picture. Nothing like a superbowl knitting challenge to bring us together in front of the camera.

My mitts were the last ones that I knit and I finished them yesterday morning. I was so angry at the weather for raining and therefore extending the time required for them to dry after blocking. But I am glad I blocked them because holy wow, Ultra Alpaca knit at such a tight gauge needed to be blocked.

All that’s left is to watch the game! GO GIANTS!