i’m so crafty

Over the past few days, I’ve looked up the word “silhouette” about one thousand times because I’m never sure that I’ve spelled it correctly. Nonetheless, I made silhouettes!


I have this funny idea that silhouettes are an essential part of childhood.  I think that when I was in grade school we made them as gifts for Mother’s Day or something. I know my friend Mandy R. (one of the Crafty Mandy’s — I’m the other one) made them.  Two things have kept me from making these sooner. 1) I’m usually knitting, and other crafts have been pushed to the very back burner and 2) I don’t like buying craft supplies that will only get used once.

But then I joined Pinterest, and clicked though a pin one day to find that making a silhouette could be really, really simple. I even had all the supplies, including spray adhesive and black paint! I had to hunt around to find oval frames, but I eventually found them at Hobby Lobby and they were 50% off (looks like that is an in-store only sale).


I started with these pictures of the kids, and then followed the easy steps exactly as outlined in the tutorial. The frames I used are 8×10, and I printed out each picture on one sheet of 8.5×11″ cardstock. To get the heads to be the right size, I actually put the pictures into a Word document and adjusted them until they were the size I thought would work.  A bit of trial and error was all it took, and I figured that if I printed them out and the size wasn’t right, I’d only have to print them again.

I’m very pleased with how they came out. So pleased, in fact, that even though I considered wrapping them up for Gerald for Christmas, I decided to leave them out and enjoy them immediately.


I put the frames on the mantle for now, but I think I’ll hang them on the wall. For posterity and all that. This one moment, in a frame, preserved forever and ever, and hung on a wall. I’m a happy mommy.

not about knitting

Mag with chicks

I have got to tell you about a few things that are non-knitting related today. If you can’t tell from that picture, we got chicks! My husband and I have talked about this for years and finally this winter he got serious about it.

When we bought our house there were all these dilapidated buildings out back, in an area we call “down the hill” because it is. The main shed was full of piles of junk and it was too dangerous to go in. Gerald tore it down (by hand, it took a while) but realized that a smaller shed next door had once been a chicken coop. It had feeders and nesting boxes and little doors for chickens to go in and out. The coop is in good shape, and just needed a good cleaning out. It will also need new screens on the windows and new latches on the doors, to keep these little critters safe from big critters.

day5 chicks

Gerald also built a run, or an enclosed but movable place for the chickens to be outside. We’re nearly ready. And that’s good because the chicks will soon be ready for the coop!

They are about a week old now, and growing quickly. The chicks are living in the back porch, and I’m pretending that my whole house doesn’t smell like a farm.

We got straight-run chicks, which means that they haven’t been sexed (we don’t know if they’re girls or boys). If we have roosters we may eat them, or find a farm for them to live on. But our main goal is to have layers, who will provide us with eggs. We thought six chicks would be enough, but I came home from the farm store with many more than six.

We got 11 chicks:

We’re learning as we go, and so far everything is going well. I’m feeling more like a farmer every day. I’m desperately resisting going to the store to get overalls and wellies.

The other non-knitting thing happened on Saturday when I was mowing the lawn. I saw a huge snake. I was home by myself while Gerald had the kids at the grocery store.

it is a snake

Eeeew. Sorry to any animal lovers out there, but I didn’t want this thing around my house and my kids and my chicks. I don’t know why I got my camera first (bloggable?), but I ended up getting a shovel, chopping it in two, and burying it. Seriously, it was the most empowering thing I’ve done in a long time. My mother-in-law and I even celebrated my bravery with champagne on Mother’s Day.

I grew up knowing that women can do anything men can do (thanks, Mom!), but I don’t ever mind when my husband does some of the dirty work (building chicken runs, taking out the trash, going grocery shopping, etc). I’m feeling pretty damn proud of myself today, having taken care of business all by myself.

I think I should reward myself. Maybe pink wellies?