Maggie’s Mitts are Finished

With Maggie’s Mitts finished, and looking pretty cute, I must say, that leaves just one pair left. Mine. I have a vague plan, but I have not cast on. The end of this week is busy with all sorts of activities both important (school! homework!) and fanciful (trips to IKEA!). I will finish this challenge, but it might be close is all I’m saying. Please wish me luck.

My Maggie was really upset when we had a little photo shoot for the mitts and I kept telling her how to pose. “Why do you always decide how I stand?” she complained. So I let her stand how she wanted, but it wasn’t really working out seeing as she was holding her hands behind her back. So we went inside to her room, which is the prettiest room in the afternoon sunlight. Anyway. There’s pics of the mitts, but also pictures of my Maggie when she stopped being so upset about “posing”.

A Cozy Beer

A Cozy Beer

Here’s something you probably didn’t know: Gerald does not wear hand knit mitts or mittens. Once, I was working on a pattern for fingerless mitts, and in trying to get the sizing right for big hands, I kept asking him to try them on. It annoyed him no end, and he finally said, “You know I’m not going to wear these, right?” Yes, darling, I know.

The beer cozy, therefore, was Gerald’s idea for the Superbowl Challenge. NO MITTENS FOR YOU.

I’ve got the easy part of the challenge because the “ny” was previously charted. Now it’s onto the next, more difficult, projects. The kids are both dying for fingerless mitts; I am headed to the patriotic yarn pile and hopefully inspiration will strike when I get there!