talkeetna two

I’m working on knitting a pattern that I designed over a year ago. It’s Talkeetna, which originally appeared in the Winter 2009 Petite Purls. So I cast on with the needle and yarn that was listed in the pattern, knit the hat, and realized it was way too big. I guess after a year maybe my knitting style has changed and I should have checked my gauge with a swatch.

Luckily, I have someone who benefits from my mistakes.

My sister, Holly! Every time she visits I give her something handknit. I don’t plan it, but she always leaves with something! Last time she got the Northman Mittens. She is a knitter herself, and she lives in Alaska where it is cold, so she deserves these things.


I asked her to try the hat on and when I realized it fit her perfectly, I said, “Oh good! I just have to make a quick pompom and it’ll be finished!” And you know what? She didn’t want the pompom. Blasphemy!

Not everyone loves a pompom, and I’m coming to terms with that. I don’t understand it, but at least I can try to accept it.

Pattern: Talkeetna, free on Petite Purls, or download the free PDF here.
Yarn: Lanaloft Sports Weight
To knit the adult size, work at a gauge of 6 sts per inch, instead of the gauge shown in the pattern.


I once had a cheese steak sandwich with my future husband in a little town called Talkeetna, Alaska. He claimed it was the best he ever had. That should explain these pictures.


talkeetna day



Okay, so the pictures have nothing to do with cheese steak sandwiches, but this new pattern that I designed is called Talkeetna, named after the town where I once had a cheese steak sandwich with my future husband.

The pattern is available for FREE because it has been published in the online magazine for kids, Petite Purls!

Get the Pattern: Talkeetna
See my pattern page for Talkeetna here.
To fit: Children from 2-8 years.
Yarn: Lanaloft Sports Weight. If you knit both hat and mittens, you’ll need two balls of each color. For just the hat OR just the mittens, one ball of each color is sufficient.
Needles: Size 3 (3.25mm) or 4 (3.5 mm) depending on desired finished size.

For all the very important details, and the pattern itself, please see the Talkeetna Pattern at Petite Purls!

I would also like you to take special note of the prolific pompoms in this design. The eagle eyed among you will count five, yes five, pompoms. I’m telling you, if I could have fit more on, I would have.


This is the first time a pattern of mine has been published by someone other than me, and I’m so very excited. There are some amazing designs for kids in the issue! I love them all! Some of my faves are the Cheery Scrap Cap by Kate Oates, Little Red by Aine Mahon, and the sophisticated Chanelette by Stephanie Voyer.