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When you pick up the most recent issue of Knit Simple, turn to page 10. You’ll find a little write up on The Red Collection! I heard about it from Joanna, who tweeted that she had seen the magazine. I spent the next 5 days visiting book stores waiting for it to show up somewhere (impatient, much).

I was so excited when my B&N finally called to tell me they had the magazine that I drove to the shop and bought two copies, which now seems a bit ridiculous. Nonetheless, it is so very exciting to see my book in a national knitting magazine!

Read carefully, and you’ll notice the write-up mentions “intricate intarsia”. I’m a little bummed out by that, because of course, there are no projects that use that technique (not this time, but the next book will be ALL INTARSIA…mwahahaha). But hey, it’s press, and I’m still totally excited. I’ve always wanted to add a Press page on my blog and dudes, now I can!