don’t ask, it’s secret

lambs pride bulky

I love Lamb’s Pride (bulky, in this case, but I love the worsted, too). I remember when I first started knitting, there was always TONS of it around the yarn stores. It’s still there, of course, but so many other yarns jump out at me lately. Plied, sport-weight yarns, for example. But there’s always a place in my stash for this great woolly, mohairy, bulky yarn.

I’m using the stuff above for some **** for ** ****** for *********.

It’s secret Christmas knitting time, so sorry for the *’s.

Here’s another snap of a secret project. It might be clear what it is, but I will offer no details, other than that it is a fun, fun, fun and addicting knit.

secret knitting

The past few years, I haven’t knit many Christmas projects, but this year I’m feeling it. Are you knitting gifts? Who gets ’em? How do you decide on a pattern for gift knitting? Just curious!

I’m popping in to say hi, but also to give you a heads up. Watch this space over the next few days for a big announcement! Hint: I am feeling the Christmas spirit big time and want to pass it along! (you will benefit even if you don’t celebrate Christmas – I promise!).