Trunk Show

Zigzagstitch Trunk Show

I’m taking this show on the road! No really, I’m headed to Buffalo next week to 1) visit my family and 2) have a trunk show and book signing at The Embraceable Ewe in Hamburg. If you’re close, you should totally come. It’s a potluck, too! Bring something if you can. More info here, from my recent newsletter.

What: Trunk Show! Book Signing! Potluck! At a yarn store!
Where: Embraceable Ewe Yarn Shop in Hamburg, NY
When: Wednesday, June 13, 2012, 6-9 pm

Call the shop or email me if you have any questions!

You may not recognize some of the items in that picture up there. It’s because they’re new patterns! I’m going to debut them at the trunk show, and they’ll be available next week! It’s an eBook!

What else is new? This shawl, for one, which came off the pins last night and was blocked this morning.

Thalia Shawl by Kirsten Kapur

Thalia Shawl by Kirsten Kapur

Pattern: Thalia Shawl, from The Three Graces by Kirsten Kapur
Yarn: Nature Spun Sport
On Ravelry

When I finish this blog post, I am going to wind yarn to knit another one of the graces, Euphrosyne. And given the next picture, you could assume I might have a shawl problem. More specifically, I have a Through the Loops shawl problem. I am not ashamed.

Mystery Shawl

Kirsten is doing a mystery shawl! And knitting shawls in summer just feels good, amiright?
There is more to blog about, but yarn needs winding. You’ll hear from me again soon.


Study in Stripes

I finished my Stripe Study Shawl!

Stripe Study

It’s sitting on Maggie’s twin size bed, so you can see for yourself how big it is. I used almost two full skeins of the Beaverslide 2-ply Sport/Sock weight in the Hidden Lake (teal)  colorway, and nearly one full skein of the  Natural Buff. This yarn, I can’t even tell you. It’s the best yarn ever. You really just have to see for yourself. The fiber content is 80% fine wool and 20% fine kid mohair. It comes in 458 yd skeins for $14.50. Although the suggested needle size for this yarn is a size 2-3 needle, I used a size 8 for the Stripe Study Shawl, and the fabric is velvety soft, lofty, warm, and has beautiful drape. Do yourself a favor and order some Beaverslide for yourself. Learn more about Beaverslide Dry Goods here. They are not paying me, I just loooove the yarn.

Stripe Study

After I finished my shawl, I decided that it was high time to knit this year’s slippers. I started on Thursday night and by Friday afternoon I was wearing them! They were damp, but whatever. They were mostly dry.

fuzzy slippers

I used my favorite slipper pattern, Felt Clogs (AC-33) by Bev Galeskas, from Fiber Trends.  I have knit this pattern many, many times. It’s one of those patterns that is written perfectly, is very clear, and if you have your wits about you then you’ll be fine.  Unfortunately while knitting slipper number one I did not have my wits about me. I came to the last row of the instep shaping, had 4 extra stitches and should have been at the marker (I was not). I know from experience that it wasn’t the pattern’s error, it was mine. It’s easy to get lost in these patterns if you don’t keep track of your place. I was paying more attention to the television program I was watching than to the pattern I was knitting. But instead of unknitting, I decided that four stitches was not a big deal, went on to knit the cuff, and finished the slipper, four extra stitches and all.

I knit slipper number two without incident, felted them, and now can’t even tell which one has the error. Gosh, I love felting.

It’s a lovely cool morning here in North Carolina. I have my new shawl on my shoulders and my new slippers on my feet. It feels so good to be knitting again.

lines lines lines

Thanks to all your good luck vibes, I finished my Different Lines shawl! I bound off and blocked it last night, and it was dry this morning! Gotta love that shetland yarn. It softened up a little, but it’s still very woolly. I had some trouble figuring out how to wear the shawl, but I like it best if the bound off edge (the wide green stripe below) is nearest my neck. She’s an oddly shaped little sucker, for sure. You gotta knit one.

Oh! And Veera, the designer, just put all her patterns on sale for 30% off! And she has a beautiful new website! Go check it out, and if you have been meaning to buy this shawl pattern, the time is NOW people!

Different Lines

Different Lines

Different Lines

Different Lines

All the details are on my Ravelry project page here. I had so much fun with this pattern that this morning I started the other one, the ubiquitous Stripe Study. I’m already in love.

and I started another