20130812-_DSC2837I am knitting a cardigan, and with just 6cm left to knit I should say I am almost finished knitting a cardigan. What a nice feeling, and what a great way to spend my summer vacation. 20130812-_DSC2851The pattern is Nanook and the yarn is Shelter. If you’ve knit with this yarn then you will know that it’s rough and woolly but after I wash it it will be SO soft and perfectly woolly. I can’t wait to wash it.20130812-_DSC2859

In other news, if you are in the US have a look at my destash page on Ravelry. I’m trying to move some yarn out of my house and the prices are pretty good. And if you are in central North Carolina, have a look at my craigslist post where I am selling my Louet S10 Double Treadle spinning wheel. I am not even firm on the price listed, so if you’re looking to get into spinning then I am willing to make a deal!

It’s like spring cleaning, but in the thick of summer!

nice hat


I was able to take the swatch from yesterday and turn it into a hat that is blocking right now on Maggie’s bed. Although I did spend some time searching my notes, I was not able to find out/remember what needle I used for that swatch. Instead of knitting another swatch, I dove right in with the needle that seemed most likely. Not a very scientific way to go about it, but whatever. I’ve got a new hat and it turned out Very Nice. It will be a pattern soon. It feels right for my first pattern after a big break to be a simple but sweet hat. Getting my toes wet, if you will.