Christmas Stockings

20131222_christmas stockings_7

I’m pleased as punch that I had the foresight last January to start knitting the Christmas stockings. They are done, all six, and I was never stressed about finishing. Now, it did take me nearly a year to knit what amounts to very little knitting but we are not focusing on that.

We have finished stockings, people, and that is all that matters!!!

The patterns all came from the Christmas Stocking eBook from Annie’s Woolens and were all perfectly written. The only tiny change I made was to add a picot edge at each top hem. I absolutely loved knitting short row heels and toes because it is a technique that I haven’t used much before. The instructions made it really easy to understand. Since I usually knit socks toe-up, it was also quite thrilling to know that I can do a mean kitchener, without even looking up directions.

I’m so glad that I bought the recommended yarn for this pattern: Barlettyarns Maine Wool. It is rustic and woolly and you know I love that. I remember doing some crude math last January to try and determine how much yarn I would need for all six stockings. Miraculously I got it right – I used every skein and didn’t run out. Came a little close with the green though.

20131222_christmas stockings_11

20131222_christmas stockings_10

20131222_christmas stockings_8

You can check out my pattern page for each stocking (basically just a bigger version of the pictures, not much else) on Ravelry.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Knitting

My knitting time is scarce, yo. But it is Spring Break at school – woo! – and yesterday I picked up the Christmas stockings I started a while ago. The pattern is really quick to knit, actually, and I might even finish this angel stocking today if I don’t have to rip out the heel twice like I did on the first one.


They will all be personalized at the top with our names. I am going to make six stockings; four for us, one for the cat (the kids insist) and one for my mother in law who is often with us on Christmas morning. So I’m one quarter of the way to being finished, and it’s only March 5th!

The yarn I’m using is Bartlettyarn Maine Wool and it is so woolly and sheepy and farmy. You know I love it.

Guess what else? Today is Maggie’s birthday. She is SEVEN. Here she is on her first birthday (I always post this picture, I can’t even help myself).

Maggie's first birthday


And here she is at her little party on Saturday, hugging the beef jerky that her father gave her. She is his daughter, that’s for sure.



Happy Birthday, sweet Maggie!



I’m making stockings for Maggie. If we’re being honest we should just say “stocking” because I am so terrible at finishing pairs of things. Nonetheless, I am knitting a stocking for Maggie and it will have a comrade in the future. We hope.


I keep trying it on her and she has been a great sport. “Are you kniddin’ those socks for ME?” she asks with anticipation. Yes, baby, I am knitting these for you.

All I need is to find some 3 year old sized biker boots to wear them with. That would be the shit. Then she would wear the outfit for 5 minutes before growing out of it.  No, that’s not true. She’ll be able to wear it this winter and it’ll be awesome. I can’t wait. But first I have to find pint-sized biker boots.


The yarn is called Gjestal Baby Ull and I can type it but I can’t pronounce it. Don’t you hate that? There are many names of yarn that I simply avoid saying in public…Araucania, Malabrigo, others. I used to not know how to say Koigu but now I do.

Coy. Goo.

Point being, nothing. The unpronounceable yarn is really, really nice. 100% superwash merino. I’m knitting it at 8 sts to the inch on a US 1.5 needle (that’s 2.5 mm). The needles are, I think, Crystal Palace bamboo and they’re sturdy and smooth. I would consider them my favorite set of bamboo dpns in size 1.5.

These stockings (or this stocking) feel like an in between project…though I’m not sure what I’m between. I’m considering making Maggie a sweater to end all sweaters, so maybe I’m between Jerry’s striped sweater and the next sweater.

Sweaters are projects, stocking(s) are just little things I knit.