Granny Squares

I’m working on a Granny Square afghan. I consider this a swatch even though it’s rather large. Each square is 5.25″ (the nine squares above are about 16×16″). I had to stop here and block it because I wasn’t sure it was working. But now I realize it is working and I love it. I’m using a mishmash of heavy worsted/bulky yarns (mostly) from my stash. It was wonky before blocking, but a warm bath helped to even all that out.

I’m making it to “match” my living room. Which is hilarious because there’s already a crocheted afghan there (a big ass granny) but it’s blue and it must go.

The pattern I settled on is Flowers in the Snow by Solveig Grimstad. Free! I like it because of the circular centers in the squares. And you join them as you go! It’s tricky, but you can see quick progress if you want. And I definitely need to see the quick progress for a big project like this.

These pictures were taken in a dark room near the end of the day. Sorry. I’ll get better pics soon, but this should do for now!


a swatch to remind you


I have many theories about why I stepped away from pattern writing for almost a whole year. One big one is that I kept being blown away by great patterns that were coming out, and I’d think, “I wish I could do that!” or “Why didn’t I think of that!” It was silly, really, and also self-destructive. I was beating myself up for thinking I wasn’t good enough.

But the patterns I’ve written are good. And although I didn’t believe it for a long stretch there, I think I’ve still got more good ones in me.

Yesterday my messy desk got the best of me. The pile on the floor collapsed as I was searching for my DPN case, which led me to clean up the pile, which led me to find snippets of sketches and pattern ideas, which led me to a file I keep in my filing cabinet called “pattern writing ideas”, which led me back to this sweet swatch that has been hiding in my closet for at least a few months.

I am going to try to jump back in. This swatch could – nay, should – become an awesome hat! Let’s see if I’ve got it in me!

Empty House

Jerry is back in school and the house is empty. Maggie and I are still here, of course, but Jerry just has a way of filling up the house (with noise, toys, exuberance) that when he’s suddenly gone we really miss him.

First Day 2009

I hope he’s having a great first day of 2nd grade!

Me? I’ve found something to keep myself busy and – no surprise – it’s some new knitting*.

back to schoolswatch in Nature Spun Sport
6 sts per inch on US 4 needle

I swatched that bit of argyle last night and today I’m trying to work out just the right colors without buying any new yarn. Ergo, I believe this will have to be a vest since I don’t have enough of a main color to make sleeves.

There has been a dumping of the bins (really, one of my favorite pastimes) and I think I’m going to make it work with some blues and grays and black that I have in the Lanaloft Sports Weight. Just wait ’til you see!

*All old knitting, coincidentally, has been completely abandoned in favor of this new, exciting project. I am so very easily distracted.