my new buddies


The title of this picture on flickr is “759” which means (according to my very advanced method of record keeping)  it was the 759th picture I took during the photoshoot I had with these two rascals and their respective parents this morning. A double photo shoot with two year olds! I’m pooped, and reminded of life with a two year old. When your kids are that age you are always tired. If you’re not then maybe you’re doing it wrong.

Nonetheless, I wanted to at least get all the pictures uploaded today, but it doesn’t look like that’s happening. Flickr is being weird, and besides, I just realized I can rent Super 8 on Amazon for $1.99. So yeah. The whole set of pictures (790 if you’re curious) will be sorted tomorrow. This evening I’m gonna chillax.

You shall hear all about everything tomorrow. Promise!