And the prize goes to…

Yesterday evening, I closed comments on the giveaway post, double checked my list of entries, and used to draw a winner. There were 330 comments and 472 entries. To everyone who took the time to leave a comment, share on facebook, tweet about it, THANK YOU.

The winning entry was from firegirlpj.

The Red Collection giveaway winner

I’ve already been in touch with the winner!

**SPOILER ALERT FOR MYSTERY SOCK KNITTERS** If you don’t want to see a picture of this year’s Through The Loops Mystery Sock, then go away now!

I have this problem (not unusual for many knitters) where I’m pretty much addicted to casting on even though I already have plenty of things on my plate. Why fight it?  I decided to join the SOCKTOBERFEST party:

red socks

YAY SOCKTOBERFEST! I’ve always celebrated Socktoberfest, but this year I’m actually participating by knitting socks. The pattern is the TTL Mystery Sock 2010 that Kirsten from Through the Loops has been doing for a few years now. It feels crazy and insane knitting a mystery pattern. But there’s already some garter stitch in the design, so I’m a happy knitter.

The yarn is Skinny Bugga from The Sanguine Gryphon. I purchased this almost a year ago at SAFF. The color is Tomato Frog and is just about the perfect shade of red. I’m knitting the large size on size 1 (2.25 mm) needles. Luckily I have two sets of needles in that size, so I split my ball of yarn in half and cast on for the second cuff.

Someone asked for red socks (the only person allowed to ask for socks) for Christmas, so the goal, if I don’t finish in Socktober, is to finish these lovelies by Christmas. I’m pretty optimistic.

How are you celebrating Socktoberfest?