Stripe Study


As my last few semesters of school wound down, I became obsessed with stripes. There hadn’t been much knitting during my two years at school and I needed something coveted and something simple. Two things fit the bill.


This Stripe Study Shawl was cast on knowing that I’d be traveling during my second internship, with ample car and airport time for long stretches of garter-mania.


I used a yarn that I bought years ago from SAFF is Asheville. The labels were long gone but I remember that it was a sport weight wool in natural colors from a small producer. The result is lightweight and spriongy…you really have to feel it in person. I can’t wait to wear it when the air cools.


The other stripey project I obsessed over came in the form of hats. I went on a bender and decided to knit up all of my Shelter yarn (and other woolly remnants) to make the perfect hat.


The result was a multitude of hats. Some stripe patterns worked better than others, some color combos were just meh, but the real point of all these hats was really just busy hands.

I was compelled, during those last few months of classes, to keep knitting no matter what. I have so many hats to show for it. It was odd, given that I had let months pass without picking up a single project. Now that school is finished (like, finished-finished) I’m thinking of starting a few big knitting projects, and thinking a lot about my knitting past and my photographic future.

Christmas Knitting

My knitting time is scarce, yo. But it is Spring Break at school – woo! – and yesterday I picked up the Christmas stockings I started a while ago. The pattern is really quick to knit, actually, and I might even finish this angel stocking today if I don’t have to rip out the heel twice like I did on the first one.


They will all be personalized at the top with our names. I am going to make six stockings; four for us, one for the cat (the kids insist) and one for my mother in law who is often with us on Christmas morning. So I’m one quarter of the way to being finished, and it’s only March 5th!

The yarn I’m using is Bartlettyarn Maine Wool and it is so woolly and sheepy and farmy. You know I love it.

Guess what else? Today is Maggie’s birthday. She is SEVEN. Here she is on her first birthday (I always post this picture, I can’t even help myself).

Maggie's first birthday


And here she is at her little party on Saturday, hugging the beef jerky that her father gave her. She is his daughter, that’s for sure.



Happy Birthday, sweet Maggie!


two shawls

I can’t even remember if I told you about my finished Thalia Shawl. OK, I just did some quick clicking around my blog and did blog about it, but in a post titled Trunk Show, which doesn’t make any sense at all. In that post, I also mentioned the Mystery Shawl I had started.

Yesterday because it wasn’t too hot (just kidding, it was definitely too hot!) I asked my mother-in-law Noreen to model the shawls, both now finished and blocked. She obliged, even without knowing her payment would be wool. And not just any wool, but wool that had already been knitted into a shawl. And a stunning shawl, at that!

Here’s Noreen in the Thalia Shawl, previously blogged about, but only shown blocking on the bed. Now with live human being! And so pretty.

Thalia Shawl Pattern (or buy all three of the Three Graces) on Ravelry
my project on Ravelry

Thalia, modeled

Thalia, modeled

Thalia, modeled

Thalia, modeled

Thalia, modeled

And now for the Mystery Shawl, the one the model got to keep.

TTL Mystery Shawl 2012
my project page on Ravelry

The yarn in this is Rowan Felted Tweed. It could not be a more perfect yarn for this pattern. It’s my favorite yarn ever (sure, I’ve said this before of other yarns, but this time I really mean it!).

Mystery Shawl

Mystery Shawl

Mystery Shawl

And when I told her she could have it…

Mystery Shawl

I should mention that Noreen is not comfortable AT ALL with having her picture taken. Of course, I understand, but I am so happy she agreed to help me out. Shawls look much prettier on people than on beds or picnic tables. Thank you, Noreen!