my own patterns

I like my own patterns. It’s true! I’m really proud of them all and even though there’s only a few, I like to call it my collection of patterns.

Anyway, I’ve been knitting one of my own patterns the past few days.

Zigzag Mitts

Zigzag Mitts. They are officially named Zigzag Study Hall: Fingerless Mitts. Sometimes I kick myself for giving them such a mouthful of a name but what can you do? I will keep the name and call them Zigzag Mitts in my head.

As I knit them I also thought about all the things I would do differently if I were designing them now. Might make things more complex…add a few more garter stitch ridges…play with the cast on…

But I really do think they’re great and I’m pleased with my design from so long ago, even if I would do things differently now.

I borrowed Cindy’s hands for a photo shoot yesterday. Being a designer, she knows that it takes a couple hundred pictures to get one or two shots that are “pattern worthy.” We got the shots I was looking for.

Zigzag Mitts

Zigzag Mitts

The yarn is Reynolds Whiskey and you could probably get two pairs out of two balls if you switch the MC with the CC for the second pair.

Announcement time!

I have updated all my pattern pages so that you can “buy now” or “add to cart” for all the for-sale patterns. You need not worry about being a Ravelry member or being logged into your Ravelry account to make your purchase.

Additionally, free downloads are available to everyone (whereas before they were only free to Ravelry members). So if you don’t have a Ravelry account, fear not! Just click on the pattern in the sidebar over there and you will go to the pattern page.  At the bottom of the pattern page is a  “free Ravelry download” button that will take you directly to the PDF without having the sign into Ravelry.

I hope all these little behind-the-scenes changes make it easier for you! Let me know if anything doesn’t work – I’ve tested my links like crazy, but something could have slipped through the cracks.

Facebook, anyone?

If I’m not on Ravelry, then I’m most definitely on Facebook. Are you?  I decided that it was about time to start a Fan Page for zigzagstitch! Part of me thinks that it’s just silly, but I did it anyway! If you would like to become a fan, there’s a widget in the side bar, or you can click this link. As of press time, most of my fans are related to me and I would like to change that. And if you’re in a “become a fan” mood, why not become a fan of paper plates? I did.