The Crystal Collection

Ametrine Hat

Ametrine Hat – $6
Yarn: Nature Spun Sport
Gauge: 7.25 sts = 1 inch

See the Ametrine Hat on Ravelry

Ahead of my trunk show last week, I quietly published my new eBook, The Crystal Collection! I’m back from visiting family in Buffalo and I finally have a moment to tell you about all the patterns!

The Crystal Collection includes three hat and three mitten patterns, all color stranded designs. They are matchy-matchy, and I hope you enjoy them! I’ve been working on these six patterns for a while, and I’m very excited to share them with you.

A note about pricing: The entire eBook, available on Ravelry here, is $18. You can mix-and-match two patterns from the collection for $9 (discount will show in your Raverly shopping cart), or purchase individual patterns for $6 each.

Crystal Collection – eBook with 6 patterns – $18

At the top of this post is the Ametrine Hat, named for a variety of quartz that displays both yellow and purple areas. The hat matches the Ametrine Mitts.

Ametrine Mitts

Ametrine Mitts – $6
Yarn: Nature Spun Sport
Gauge: 7.5 sts = 1 inch

See the Ametrine Mitts on Ravelry

The next pattern you might remember from a swap that I participated in over a year ago. For the longest time, they were known to me as the Swap Mittens. When I knit them in this beautiful shade of red, they reminded me of rubies. Corundum, a ruby when red, is a transparent mineral. Who knew?!?!

Corundum Mittens

Corundum Mittens – $6
Yarn: Ultra Alpaca Light
Gauge: 7.75 sts = 1 inch

See the Corundum Mittens on Ravelry

The Corundum Hat has the same allover pattern as the mittens, with five lines of decreases at the top and – like all the hats in this collection – a jaunty pompom. I can’t even help myself with the pompoms. Clearly.

Corundum Hat

Corundum Hat – $6
Yarn: Ultra Alpaca Light
Gauge: 8 sts = 1 inch

See the Corundum Hat on Ravelry

The third set of patterns from the collection is the Charoite Hat and Mittens, named for a rare purple mineral. These mittens evolved a lot over time. Here’s where they started, and you must click that link for a shocking illustration of yarn dominance in action. The end point for this design is quite different, but I wouldn’t have these pretty purple mittens without the struggle and frustration from the first version of this pattern.

Charoite Mittens

Charoite Mittens – $6
Yarn: Cascade 220 Wool
Gauge: 6 sts = 1 inch

See the Charoite Mittens on Ravelry

And finally, the Charoite Hat, with a small colorwork section and garter stitch accents. This hat is fun and quick to knit.

Charoite Hat

Charoite Hat – $6
Yarn: Cascade 220 Wool
Gauge: 6.5 sts = 1 inch

See the Charoite Hat on Ravelry

That’s it! I’ve listed more pattern details, such as color numbers, on Ravelry so be sure to check out the collection there. Remember, if you don’t want all six patterns, mixing and matching is allowed! When you buy two patterns from the collection you save $3. But get the best deal when you buy the eBook for just $18.

Crystal Collection – eBook with 6 patterns – $18


P.S. Wondering about my new knitwear model? THAT’S MY MOM! Thanks for helping Mom!

Graveyard Socks

On any given day of the week, you might hear me saying the following:

  • I love wool.
  • I love garter stitch.
  • I love colorwork.

If I had to choose a favorite, I would be at a loss. I equally enjoy all three of those things. When it came time to design my new pattern, I was able to combine all three loves and the result is balanced, simple, and wearable (another three things I love in knitting).

Graveyard Socks

The pattern is Graveyard Socks, and the idea came about when I read about the Socks Revived Contest on the Exercise Before Knitting blog. This is my entry for the contest.

Knit from the cuff down, and combining elements of colorwork, plain stockinette stitch and a reinforced garter stitch heel, the socks are a good balance of “I need to pay attention to the chart right now” and “All I want to do is watch TV while I knit”.

The decidedly macabre motif was scribbled on graph paper, then transferred to my charting software while Jerry was watching over my shoulder. It came time to save the file, and I mumbled something about needed a name for the socks. Jerry, who is 7, noticed the similarity of the chart to a graveyard, and the name of the socks was born.

graveyard socks

The heels are knit using garter stitch short rows, and two strands of the yarn are held together for extra reinforcement. If you’re worried about garter stitch ridges digging into the bottom of your feet, I urge you to try this technique. The stretchy nature of garter stitch makes for a very comfortable heel.

The toes are French (or at least that’s what Nancy Bush says). There are three lines of decreases, rather than the usual two, and the stitches are gathered at the end instead of woven.  It was the first time I tried this toe shaping, and I really liked it!

graveyard socks

My foot model, as usual, was Lisa (here and here, her new education technology blog). I can’t thank her enough for helping me with the photo shoot. I had her climbing under the picnic table (not easy!) and taking directions like: “Try to look more dead.” (see first photo) Thank you, Lisa!

Graveyard Socks – $6

Yarn: Nature Spun Sport
Needles: Size 1 (2.25 mm)
Gauge: 8 sts = 1″ (2.5 cm)
For more specific information please visit the Graveyard Socks page, or the Ravelry page for Graveyard Socks.

You can find more pictures in the Graveyard Socks Flickr Set.

As always, thank you for supporting my designs!!

Graveyard Socks

All Patterns on Sale!

Blame Christmas. I always get warm, fuzzy feelings this time of year.  I love all the baking and giving and, of course, celebrating with family. This year I want to extend this celebration to all of you! It has been such a great year knitting-wise. I expanded my catalog of patterns, and the positive response and support from all of you has been overwhelming. As a thank you, I have put all of my patterns on sale!

Zigzagstitch Original Designs – All $3.00

pattern mosaic2

From now until Sunday, December 13th at 6 pm EST, all patterns purchased though my pattern page or through Ravelry are only $3.00.

Happy shopping, happy knitting, and THANK YOU!

Important Information: The pattern sale is only for patterns purchased through my online shop or through Ravelry and excludes the Double Quick Toe Up Sock pattern. Printed Zigzagstitch patterns sold at your favorite local yarn stores are not on sale. Previous purchases of any patterns are not eligible for a discount. Pattern sales are final. Terms could change at any time. Sale ends Sunday, December 13th at 6 pm EST.